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Retroverb — Lost Letters
  1. No Going Home
  2. Nothing Seems Pretty
  3. Faith, Love, Hope and Pride
  4. Simplest Little Thing
  5. So Misunderstood
  6. Far Away from My Mind
  7. Fade to Black
  8. Strangest Ways
  9. A Sunny Day
  10. I Hope You're Happy
  11. Make Me Think of You
  12. By George

Lost Letters

Retroverb first formed in 2003 and, through several incarnations, remained active through 2008.  Here, Will Maranto first teamed up with Shreveport-local Wes McKinney and developed a signature, harmonic sound.  The various line-ups included Will Maranto, Wes McKinney, Tom Bonts, Kellye Trant, Dave O’Con, Charlie Dempsey, Mike Gauthier, Jeremy Hale, Don Echols, and Kenneth Brown.  With Dempsey, Gauthier, Hale, and Brown, Retroverb recorded Lost Letters in 2007-2008.  It has a very earthy, singer-songwriter vibe and includes some of Maranto’s most direct compositions to date: “No Going Home,” “Nothing Seems Pretty,” “So Misunderstood,” “Far Away From My Mind,” “Strangest Ways,” and “By George.”
Lost Letters - Retroverb