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Gypsy Mountain — Roadhouse Quintessential
  1. Not Giving Up
  2. Lady of the Night
  3. Time for a Change
  4. Lonely Lover
  5. Hope You Understand
  6. Louisiana Nights
  7. I'm Up Early
  8. Melanie Makes a Choice
  9. Back Side of the Way
  10. Rock 'N Roll

Roadhouse Quintessential


Gypsy Mountain formed in 2004 and was actuve through 2012. Will Maranto and Wes McKinney  served as a joint front-men (vocals, guitar).  The duo was joined by Bryan Shelby (drums), Mike Gauthier (organ & piano), and Kenneth Brown (bass guitar).  Gypsy Mountain released Roadhouse Quintessential in 2005 to a packed CD release party at the well-known local venue Noble Savage.  The album was favorably reviewed by Alexander Kent of The Shreveport Times and Jeff Everson of Shreveport’s Forum Magazine.  Everson stated, “Gypsy Mountain’s debut album raises high the goblet of rock with a toast to soulful harmony and driving beats.”
Roadhouse Quintessential - Gypsy Mountain